23.09.2013, Words by dummymag

Ofei - Tomorrow

Hear the latest sounds to come from the mind of the enigmatic singer.

I first encountered Ofei at Sounds From The Other City festival, where he played a set at St. Philip's Church. Sat on the stage – or the "chancel", as churchgoers may know it – Ofei had a keyboard perched uncomfortably on his lap and a microphone on either side of him.

There he sang solo songs, using one mic for his unprocessed verses and the other for his auto-tuned choruses. It was quite peculiar, rather charming and totally captivating, made all the more enticing for the fact that he never introduced himself. I was in two minds about even asking his name afterwards.

Tomorrow is Ofei's latest, and while it doesn't quite capture the intrigue of that live performance, it still sounds as though it could not come from any mind other than his own.

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