01.09.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Ostgut Ton collects field recordings of Bergorama for 5th anniversary CD/record

In the most 'Berlin' idea we've ever heard, various Ost Ton alumni – including Shed, Prosumer, Marcel Dettmann and Scuba – have recorded 24 techno tracks using the sounds of the megaclub Panorama Bar / Berghain when empty, including a recording of the strobe lights and the cooling room.

According to the release, “The concept and original recordings were made by the Berlin based producer Emika. Over a period of two months Emika created the recordings in the clubs while they were closed to the public and edited them into a library of sounds. The library was then given to all the Ostgut Ton artists, but also to club associates like DJ Pete aka Substance, Dinky, Cassy, Margaret Dygas, Ryan Elliott and Scuba using his SCB alias, to make music with. This release marks the celebration of the label’s five year anniversary.”

Ostgut Ton (also known as Ostgut Tonträger) is a very good, and very techno label label owned by the Berlin club Berghain/Panorama Bar. Amongst the producers that have released for the label are André Galluzzi, Ben Klock, Cassy, Edit-Select, Len Faki, Luke Slater, Marcel Dettmann, Marcel Fengler, Murat Tepeli, My My, Nick Höppner, Paul Brtschitsch, Prosumer, Samuli Kemppi, Shed], Tama Sumo, Tobias Freund and Tim Paris.

Ostgut Ton: Funf tracklisting

CD 1 – 1. Emika – Cooling Room
2. Marcel Fengler – Shiraz
3. Prosumer – Daybreak
4. Substance – Gestalts
5. Ryan Elliot – Abatis
6. Nick Höppner – ISP
7. Marcel Dettmann – Shelter
8. Fiedel – Doors To Manual
9. Shed – Boom Room
10. Steffi – My Room
11. Dinky – Twelevetofour
12. Len Faki – Kraft Und Licht

CD2 – 1. Barker & Baumecker – Drin
2. Marcel Dettmann – Scourer
3. SCB – Down Moment
4. Tama Sumo – Iron Glance
5. Murat Tepeli feat. Elif Biçer – Holdon
6. Soundstream – Wenn Meine Mutti Wüsste
7. Cassy – Never Give Up On A Moodswing (CD Edit)
8. Ben Klock – Bear
9. Norman Nodge – Start Up
10. Luke Slater – Boom Tang Shwuck
11. Boris – Rem
12. Margaret Dygas – Quintet

Ostgun Ton will release Funf on the 25th October 2010 on double CD and over 7 (!) records.

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