18.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Othello Woolf - Faith in God

Crooning and synths blend effortlessly together in this sublime new track from the London musician.

Othello Woolf has a lovely habit of unexpectedly sharing snippets of new music, and today he’s done exactly that with the appearance of new jam ‘Faith In God’ on his SoundCloud .

Blissful, sliding synths and a hook about wanting to “moving to another country or city” make for a escapist, dreamy experience in this track. As a follow up to his self-titled debut album, released online last year, this latest offering is softer, with more shimmers and swoons, but holds wisely on to the croon-factor of Woolf’s voice and the pleading insistence of his use of words, and synths. Listen below.

You can download Othello Woolf’s debut album here .

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