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14.01.2014, Words by dummymag

Outkast might actually be working on a new album

Former manager Queen Latifah hinted on Howard Stern's show yesterday that the Boi's will soon get back in the studio.

When excitedly reporting last week that Outkast were definitely going to headline Coachella, we didn't want to do any more than speculate about the possibility of a studio reunion for Big Boi and Andre 3000. But in light of developments this week, the signs are continuing to look good.  

Since the Coachella announcement it's become clear that this is far from a one-off outing for Outkast, with confirmation yesterday that the duo will make over forty festival appearances worldwide in 2014. Following that, former rapper/singer and one-time Outkast manager Queen Latifah took to shock jock Howard Stern's show to report that Andre and Big Boi were about to start work on a new album. Stern swiftly moved conversation on to whether Queen Latifah had ever smoked with Snoog Dogg, but for now this as hot an Outkast album lead as we have to go on. Watch this space…

You'll find Queen Latifah dropping the hint by skipping to the hour mark in the video below:

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