07.06.2013, Words by dummymag

Palmistry - Catch (family rhythm)

Understated dancehall goodness from the Triad God-associated producer.

London guy Palmistry was the key producer behind Triad God’s breakout ‘NXB’ mixtape last year, and this week sent over Catch, a fresh piece of solo material following the ‘I Swear’ mixtape. Candy-wrapped in shrilly autotune over bounce-y dancehall bass, Palmistry’s vocal is a sweet, understated thing. Whereas much of the appeal of Triad God’s music so far has been the uncertainty in its wearied sound, Catch is an uncomplicated piece of bedroom pop. Catch will be coming out on Lorenzo Sennis’ Presto!? label, and Palmistry has also hinted that work is underway on a follow-up Triad God release for Hippos In Tanks, which we’ll hopefully see before the end of the year.

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