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26.01.2021, Words by Felicity Martin

Police thought pensioners queueing for Covid vaccine was an "illegal rave"

Essex police were surprised to find people with walking sticks and zimmer frames rather than an all-night party

Police attended the Freemasons’ Saxon Hall in Southend, Essex last Friday after being tipped off about a ‘rave’, according to The Echo.

Three police cars descended on the venue to find a queue of people in their 80s with walking sticks waiting outside the building to receive the Covid vaccine.

Dennis Baum, chairman of Saxon Hall, said: “It was really funny when the police arrived as they had been notified that there was a “rave” taking place at Saxon Hall – only to find 80 and 90-year-olds on wheelchairs, zimmer frames and walking sticks, patiently queueing for their vaccinations.

“Grumpy old men and grumpy old women were in abundance. Nevertheless, as a balancing act many more very appreciative people couldn’t have been more grateful to receive the vaccine and to Saxon Hall and the Freemasons for facilitating it.”

Realising their mistake, the police then helped to offer assistance with traffic problems as there was congestion due to vaccine delays.

Isle of Wight festival organiser and music agent John Giddings recently called on Boris Johnson to allow the live music industry to help with Covid-19 vaccination efforts, stating: “Give us the vaccines and we will work 24 hours a day to sort it”.

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