22.11.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Premiere: Beam - COLLAGE1

A tapestry of sound unfurling over 10 wonderful minutes from an intriguing new talent.

London-based duo Beam say that they make "ultra-slow soul music", which makes a lot of sense to me, because listening to debut track COLLAGE1 – if you can even call it a track, since it quite literally is more like a collage – is like a little break for your soul. All of its sounds, from tinny melodies to space-age injections of synth to its gradually swelling chords, are heard as if listening to a party taking place down the street, the elements spaced out into fractured glimpses of sound, the beat swimming in and out of focus.

With disparate genre influences stitched together with the thinnest, most delicate of threads over a breath-holdingly tense 10 minutes, COLLAGE1 is something you have to close your eyes and give yourself over to for a little while. Let each ultra-slow element do its thing, at a natural pace, never cluttered and never rushing. Don't try to second-guess where it might be heading next. Go along with it. It's good for the soul.

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