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17.01.2017, Words by dummymag

First Listen: Code Walk ft. Smerz - "Guess What"

Two of Scandinavia's best upcoming duos have combined to lethal effect on new, low-slung rhythm 'Guess What'. Whilst Smerz have received recognition from Benji B's 'Best of 2016' playlist, i-D and released a slew of cool, sultry tracks, Code Walk have kept a very low profile, with this being their first single.

That's all about to change after this release. Code Walk's low-slung, crunching beat allows Smerz's sultry vocals to ooze captivatingly on a track that is sounding so, so ready for club use and on constant rotation at Dummy. Listen below.
'Guess What' is released on Code Walk's F12 Records, January 27th. 


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