25.11.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Premiere: Deptford Goth - Remix EP

Hear seven remixes from one of the finest LPs of the year from E.M.M.A., My Panda Shall Fly, Fis and more.
It's been eight months since South London-based singer-songwriter Deptford Goth released his close-to-the-bone, near-flawless debut album 'Life After Defo'. Since then, he's been busy touring Europe and the US with a lush string section in tow, including a stop at our inaugural Dummy AGM, where he closed the weekend with an enrapturing performance. If we'd had it our way, 'Life After Defo' would've been nominated for a Mercury Prize, too. 
Today, we're thrilled to say there's a new way to hear the stunning electronic ballads in a new form, and totally for free. Dan Woolhouse, generous man that he is, is giving away seven incredible remixes of his tracks from the likes of Keysound luminary E.M.M.A., New Zealand sound artist Fis, slipshod techno extraordinaire My Panda Shall Fly and more. Dive in below, and head to the Deptford Goth soundcloud to download the lot.


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