12.08.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Devonwho - pretendingtowalkslow ft. Zeroh (M. Constant Remix)

San Francisco producer Devonwho, who you might recall remixed Lapalux some moons ago, has had the remix biz switched on him to coincide with the release of his album 'Perfect Stranger', which has been lovingly compiled from his back catalogue by Portland label Dropping GemsThe original is on some Valium-spiked cloud rap tip, its lullaby melody stretched to a gossamer shine and those lines delivered through a crackly haze. Boston producer M. Constant ups the dosage on this absorbing remix, sinking LA rapper Zeroh's voice deep into the brain lake and getting a lil' Nightmares On Wax-y with the slinky percussion and circling bass. It's a relaxing way to start Monday, that's for sure.

Dropping Gems release Devonwho's album 'Perfect Strangers' on 13th August 2013 (order here).

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