28.11.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Premiere: Nautic - Lover Won't You Throw Me A Line

Catch an exclusive stream from DEEK Recordings' covers compilation, with the leftfield pop supergroup taking on Linda Thompson.

Nautic make a strain of British pop that we've been known to describe before as "more Scarborough coast than Best Coast", evoking warm nostalgic familiarity cut through with icy streaks of now. Signed to producer Bullion's label DEEK, they're something of an underground pop supergroup, formed of Bullion himself, Laura Groves (who used to be Blue Roses and now makes sublime dream pop under her real name) and Young Turks-affiliated artist Tic.

Their latest offering is taken from DEEK Recordings' upcoming 'Pun For Cover' compilation, and follows up our coastal descriptions with the looming presence of seagulls over the track's introduction. Overall it's a pretty faithful rendition of Linda Thompson's listless 1985 pop song Lover Won't You Throw Me A Line, enriched by Groves's crystal-clear vocal and tight-knit instrumentation cut through with the sound of lapping waves. 

We've been sharing exclusive tracks from the glorious 'Pun For Cover' series all week – head here to hear Jesse Hackett take on Steely Dan, here for Bullion adding a gloomy twist to You Make My Dreams Come True and here for Gwilym Gold futurising a 1950s ballad from Ewan McColl.

Nautic will play at the 'Pun For Cover' launch at London's 'Servant's Jazz Quarters' this Saturday (30th November) – more information and tickets here. You can also catch them at the dates below. 

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