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21.08.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: One Circle - Flight To Forever

Hear the spiky title track from the new Italian trio's forthcoming debut EP for Left Blank.

One Circle is a new meeting of minds made up of Italians Lorenzo Senni (head of Presto Records), A:RA (a young soundtrack composer from Turin) and Vaghe Stelle (whose hi-def mutatations we've been eyeing recently). Together they're behind Left Blank's next release, following Saa's excellent debut EP, with their promising debut 'Flight To Forever' EP next month – and here's the titular opening track. There's plenty to sink into on Flight To Forever – with shards of icy keyboards criss-crossing around a rickety 4/4 beat – and with the likes of Dave Saved and Jolly Mare impressing recently, the EP continues to signal strong things from Italy's current crop of experimental producers.

Left Blank will release the 'Flight To Forever' EP on the 9th September 2013. 

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