Nomine Nomines Chant Tempa Artwork
03.09.2014, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Nomine - Nomine's Chant

Really weird, really wild new dubstep on Tempa.

Nomine is a producer who makes music for sound systems and has a fascination with Eastern sounds and melodies, something which – we gather – is in part due to having spent some time in Asia. Nomine has a new 12" prepped for Tempa. It's being led by Nomine's Chant, a really wild dubstep track that takes a sample of a hypnotic chant and runs it through the entire runtime. It could be meditative and peaceful if there wasn't a weird, unplaceable sense of lingering dread underscoring the whole thing.

Tempa release Nomine's Chant on September 8th 2014 (pre-order).

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