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12.06.2014, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Rushmore - Evertrack

House of Trax honcho shares a new club construction, taken from Sound Pellegrino's new, club-focused compilation.

It seems like only a week ago that club connectors Sound Pellegrino released their last compilation, 'SND.PE Vol.02'. Where that compilation focused on "crossover" – i.e. getting two separate (and maybe not immediately similar) producers to make a track together – their new compilation, imaginatively named 'SND.PE Vol.03', focuses on "function & combinability".

By that, the label mean club use: the 13 new and original tracks that make up the compilation are all club machines designed for bass bins rather than laptop speakers, stripped down to their raw and essential components. In this sense, it's part of a wider conversation that includes Night Slugs' recent launch of their Club Constructions Community.

The compilation's tracks all come from new and rising producers, like floaty grime head Rabit, pro troll Ratchet Traxxx, and House of Trax head honcho Rushmore. We're premiering the latter's contribution, Evertrack, today. Like the tracks that made up his recent Dummy MixEvertrack is pared, little more than kickdrums, hi-hats, and a few wayward samples, propelled by very rhythmic, five-kicks-to-a-bar drum programming.

'SND.PE Vol.03' tracklist:

01. Track ID – 2
02. K-Lagane – She's So Fine
03. Ratchett Traxxx – On Top (feat. Paul Fisher)
04. Friendship – Phreak Mania
05. Deke Soto – Black Ice
06. Toyc – Analog Drums
07. Low Concept – Girlfriend
08. Nicolas Malinowsky – Crash
09. Rabit – Thug Rotorvator
10. Crystal – Underwater
11. Rushmore – Evertrack
12. Joe Howe & Matthias Zimmermann – Jules
13. Koyote – No Desillusion Baby

Sound Pellegrino release 'SND.PE Vol.03: Raw Club Material' on June 16th 2014 (pre-order).

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