25.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Music bosses continue to make excuses for Chris Brown

American R&B radio programme directors explained this week why they have no qualms about playing the Rihanna/Chris Brown collaborations.

In the same week that Chris Brown came under attack from the seagulls and bloggers of the world , the music industry big wigs continued to show their support for the singer, as reported that not only is Chris Brown’s remix of ‘Turn Up The Music’ featuring Rihanna getting a digital release this week, but it is also getting generous airplay from prominent R&B radio stations.

Several station programme directors have defended their decisions to play both the Chris Brown track and the Rihanna track ‘Birthday Cake’, featuring Brown, to Billboard. “I have no problem with them getting together to do a collaboration or them getting back together as a couple,” said Bob O’Brien, of North Carolina station WKJX. “We all make mistakes. It is what we learn from them that matters most.”

Hollywood Hernandez, program director of Cumulus’ syndicated R&B channel “The Touch,” added, “My philosophy is to play the hits. If it’s a hit song, I’ll play it.”

Meanwhile, Kelly McDaniel, Programme Director of mainstream Philadelphia R&B station WUSL commented, “Yes, we are playing ‘Birthday Cake’ in rotation…The original version of ‘Birthday Cake’ was already hot with just Rihanna, and when our Mix Show Director ‘Cosmic Kev’ walked the remix in the other day the entire music team decided this was a smash and also a highly anticipated record, so we jumped on it immediately. The station’s Twitter and Facebook pages have been going crazy and buzzing with lots of interaction since. What’s funny is we haven’t even listened to the Chris Brown song with Ri Ri on it yet.”

This follows the news that Chris Brown and Rihanna chose to release remixes of their songs featuring vocals from one another on the third anniversary of this.

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