S Type
20.09.2013, Words by dummymag

S-Type - Rosario (Radio Rip)

The LuckyMe producer returns to remind of his sharp ear for a shiny melody, with a new release for next month.

Besides from a few remixes and mixes – including a collection of chintzy, bombastic cuts for yours truly – it's been a quiet six months for S-Type release-wise. So it's welcome news that he's set to follow up his 'Billboard' EP with a new 'un for LuckyMe. While this curent upload of Rosario is an unmastered rip from Eclair Fifi's Radio 1 show from last night, it's still a sturdy reminder that there's always real soul running through the Edinburgh producer's approach to the exeuberant Scottish neon sound. As rips go, this one's definitely above average, too. 

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