14.06.2013, Words by dummymag

Shigeto - Detroit (Part 1)

Hear a captivating taster from Zach Shigeto Saginaw's forthcoming LP here.

2012 was a busy year for Ann Arbor-based producer Shigeto, both on artistic and personal levels. Not only did last year see the release of his sophomore LP ‘Lineage’, Shigeto also played nearly 180 shows in 360 days. Quite the feat considering the year also saw his moving back from Brooklyn to his native Detroit. How this significant change of surroundings affects his sound remains to be seen, but as Detroit (Part 1) hints, there’s no sign of the quality letting up.

On initial listens, Detroit (Part 1) could be accused of sounding a little “Detroit-by-numbers”. With moody atmospherics passing like heavy clouds across the track’s opening, and with the odd jazzy-inflection hinting at any optimism, there are certain tropes used by the artist that we’ve experienced before. However, as the track progresses, with its overcast sound giving way to playfulness, its depth is revealed, leaving us wanting more.

Ghostly International will release ‘No Better Time Than Now’ on August 19th, and Shigeto will be performing this Friday 14th June at Elektrowerkz, London.

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