17.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Sigur Rós are releasing a live film and double live album called 'Inni'

The Icelandic group's newest project is many things at once, including a film, a dual album, and a palindrome.

Following the tantalising release of their teaser video last week which hinted at a “surprise film event” (watch it below), Sigur Rós have announced the details of their forthcoming project. Entitled Inni (‘Inside’ in Icelandic), the “event” will consist of a live film as well as a double live album.

The artsy concert film, shot at London’s Alexandra Palace and twice re-filmed by director Vincent Morisset , will cover the band’s last show before they went on hiatus in 2008. Stripped of their usual string accompaniment, from long-time collaborators Amiina , this was a rare performance from the Icelandic band, and Inni will make the most of this fact by also including a double album, containing an hour and forty five minutes of recorded material from the performance.

Inni (the film) will debut at the Venice Film Festival on the 3rd September.

XL will release ‘Inni’ in November 2011.

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