24.11.2011, Words by Karen Chan

Soundway’s musical map of Colombia

Get familiar with Colombian music.

Musical globe-trotters from Soundway Records are known for their mission in presenting the lost musical gems from around the world: from obscure latin funk-rock to twisted vocals from Africa, Carribean, South America and many more. They have turned their attention to Colombia this time – a fully interactive map of Colombian music with clickable songs and pop-up informations is available for your audio-visual pleasure.

This map highlights the regions of Colombia where different styles originated from and that the musicians, labels and recording studios were based. Rare video interviews with musicians are also featured on the site. But this is not the label’s first bite of the Colombian cherry though, they have released the ‘Colombia! The Golden Age of Discos Fuentes. The Powerhouse of Colombian Music’ compilation back in 2008.

Begin your virtual journey in exploring Colombian music by hovering your cursor over the map on HERE. More info can be found below the map.

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