10.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Stones Throw release even more minimal wave into the ether

Second volume of haunted synthpop compilation to drop in February.

Cold or minimal wave, a dispersed scene of sexy punk-electronica made mainly by lonely teenagers in the low countries during the 80s, had a resurgence in recent years. This was caused, perhaps, by a noted lack of brutal music to match such brutal times, and was certainly spurred by the release of two peerless compilations, Angular’s ‘Cold Waves And Minimal Electronics’ and Stones Throw’s ‘The Minimal Wave Tapes’.

To be totally frank, the re-issue gold rush that followed these comps got a bit much: to use a fittingly burtal metaphor, no matter how good the blood is, there is only so much of it in any stone. However, it’s still with great excitement that Dummy can report on the February release of the second volume of ‘The Minimal Wave Tapes’. Again curated by Veronica Vasicka, a New York DJ and record label owner who is one of the scene’s most tireless supporters, it looks like a fairly great set of tunes, with one streaming below.

Various Artists, The Minimal Wave Tapes: Vol. Two (Stones Throw, February 27th)
1. Hard Corps “Dirty” (UK, 1984)
2. In Trance 95 “Presidente” (Greece, 1988)
3. Philippe Laurent “Distorsion” (France, 1984)
4. Das Ding “H.S.T.A.” (Netherlands, 1982)
5. Subject “What Happened To You?” (Belgium, 1982)
6. Ohama “The Drum” (Canada, 1984)
7. Geneva Jacuzzi “The Sleep Room” (Los Angeles, USA, 2004)
8. Antonym “Cinnamon Air” (UK, 1983)
9. Ruins “Fire” (Italy, 1984)
10. Ende Shneafliet “Animals From Outer Space” (Netherlands, 1981)
11. Felix Kubin “Japan Japan ” (Germany, 1985)
12. Class Info “Out Of Line” (USA, 1984)
13. In Aeternam Vale “Annie” (France, 1984)
14. Aural Indifference “Theme (Australia, 1981)

Stones Throw will release ‘The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume 2’ on the 26th February 2012

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