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13.08.2014, Words by dummymag

Kero Kero Bonito - Sick Beat

One of the most absurdly catchy pop songs this year.

Kero Kero Bonito are a DIY pop band from South London who met on a Japanese ex-pat community bulletin board. They make music that has the rhythms of dancehall, the synth sounds of console game OSTs, and the brightness of J-pop, and they mix it with some ridiculous musicality and English/Japanese raps to make pop music taken to the nth degree.

Following their self-titled introductory song Kero Kero Bonito the band have shared Sick Beat, one of the biggest songs from their debut mixtape for Double Denim Records, 'Intro Bonito'. The lyrics are sort of about frontperson Sarah Bonito being better at video games than everyone else, but it's actually also sort of about not wanting to conform to society's expectations of how women should behave or what they should be interested in. It's also one of the most absurdly catchy pop songs you're likely to hear this year.

Some of you will remember the song from that brilliant Rinse FM session with Soda Plains, SOPHIE, and Danny L Harle – you can hear Danny L Harle's (amazing) remix of the song at about 95 minutes into the mix.

If you want to see the band live, you can catch them at JACK댄스 (alongside Micachu, Spinee, モニカ·σníkαミックスand more) at Power Lunches in Dalston, London this Saturday (August 16th).

Double Denim Records release 'Intro Bonito' on August 25th 2014. Kero Kero Bonito play JACK댄스 (alongside Micachu, Spinee, モニカ·σníkαミックスand more) at Power Lunches in Dalston, London on Saturday August 16th 2014 (buy tickets).

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