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Vessel - Anima

Expansive new song from the Tri Angle artist, coinciding with news that Vessel will perform live using his crazy self-built instruments at London's Tate Britain and Liverpool's Leggate Theatre.

Vessel has shared another song from his forthcoming Tri Angle album 'Punish, Honey'. Not quite as humorously unhinged as Red SexAnima is nevertheless an expansive, chugging song that self-consciously sets out to explore a new world of sound. It's quite James Holden-esque, in its own way. It's also really epic, and really good.

Its release coincides with a lot of really cool news: Vessel will perform two special shows at the Tate Britain in London and Leggate Theatre in Liverpool in collaboration with Immix Ensemble, a Liverpool-based collective who will play the instruments that Vessel self-built for the album live. He'll also be hitting the road in support of Liars, and touring in general around Europe.

"Musical instruments are somewhat of a technological anomaly in that they are rarely updated after their conception, often only receiving minor tweaks over the course of hundreds of years," says Daniel Thorne of Immix Ensemble of the collaboration, "As such, each instrument provides us with a snapshot of the cutting edge technologies of a particular time and place – the instruments used by Immix make use of technologies that date as far back as the 14th century. Collaborating with Vessel 'updates' this technological chronology by including the cutting edge tools of our time, along with those of his own invention."

Live dates:

September 9th: Le Zoo, Geneva

October 3rd: Tate Britain, London
October 8th: OT301, Amsterdam
October 9th: La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris
October 10th: Bunker II, Bristol
October 13th: Lido, Berlin
October 16th: Unsound Festival, Poland
October 22nd: Leggate Theatre, Liverpool

November 1st: Village Underground, London
November 8th: Club 2 Club Festival, Italy

Tri Angle Records release 'Punish, Honey' on September 15th 2014 (pre-order).

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