29.08.2014, Words by dummymag

Redinho - Get You Off My Mind (feat. Brendan Reilly)

Another one from electro-funk fiend Redinho's debut album for Numbers.

Get You Off My Mind follows the red hot Playing With Fire and features the vocal talents of Brendan Reilly, an American singer-songwriter living in London who is sporting a nice trilby on the About Me page of his official site.

"To me the track is a summer jam," Redinho says in a press release, "There's a cheeky kinda of optimism to it – even though it's about being obsessed with someone to the point of it f**king with you, it's about enjoying the intensity of that feeling, and smiling about it to yourself. Like when you're baking in the full glare of the London sunshine – you make the most of it while you can, cos you know that feeling is rare."

If it all plays out correctly, it's looking like Redinho's album might be one of the funnest of the year.

Numbers release 'Redinho' on September 22nd 2014 (pre-order).

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