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28.09.2015, Words by Natalie /

Taylor Swift lays the smackdown on 'pirating' Periscope videos

Taylor Swift cracks down on fans using live-streaming app Periscope at her shows.

Taylor Swift's one woman crusade against the Internet is gathering pace. Not content with relinquishing music streaming site Spotify, Tay Tay has now enlisted the help of an online police crack team ready to get heavy with anyone posting live streams of her concerts on live streaming app, Periscope. The team – who are inventively titled TAS Rights Management (for all you quiz fans TAS is short for 'Taylor Allison Swift') – is dedicated to unearthing and taking down posts that infringe upon Taylor's work.

Despite the notoriously poor quality of live streams and the fact that Periscope videos are deleted automatically after 24 hours, Twitter (who own Periscope) are receiving dozens of take down requests from her squat team each week. The videos are predominantly taken by Taylor's ardent (and slightly terrifying) fan base aka the 'Swifties'. Only time will tell whether there will be any Bad Blood (couldn't resist…) over the unceremonious take down of the Swifties lovingly filmed Periscope videos.

Meanwhile on planet Internet…you can watch one of the many HD videos of Taylor's concerts on YouTube. Go take your pick.

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