23.08.2013, Words by dummymag

Tirzah - Ooo Never

Hear a flawless minute of music off Micachu's mate's superb debut EP.

If you haven't yet exposed yourself to the 10-minute joy that is Tirzah's 'I'm Not Dancing' EP, then here's your chance to get up to scratch. Ooo Never was perhaps the most teasing turn on a thoroughly teasing, too-snappy release, with its fuzzy, circulating groove backspinning out of view so rapidly that a re-spin is near enough essential. 

Tirzah will play alongside Micachu at the Dummy AGM in London next month with Darkstar, oOoOO, Rainer, patten and Larry Gus. Get more information and tickets here.

Greco-Roman released the 'I'm Not Dancing' EP on the 5th August 2013. 

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