02.03.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Today's breaking news - Friday 2nd March 2012

Get on top of today's music news with our digested news feature for lunchtime reading.

Good news for people who make music, not so good news for people who make money out of people making music
CASH Music – not to be confused with Cash Money, the hip hop label – is a not-for-profit organisation that, on the face of it, could revolutionise the way music is marketed, putting the power in the hands of the artist. With a mission “to help educate and empower artists and their fans to foster a more viable and sustainable future for music”, they will provide open source digital tools to enable musicians to market and sell their own music without the need for extensive digital skills or shelling out on a PR. So, kind of like pro DIY. They’ve got an impressive list of backers and have already surpassed their Kickstarter funding goal, which means it will be funded on 9th March. There’s still time to show your support and purchase their digital compilation on Kickstarter though, which features an unreleased Elliot Smith track.

In other good news for people who make music, the Guardian reported yesterday that long-running file sharing site Limewire has reached an out-of-court settlement with rights agency Merlin that will see them dish out between $5m and $10m to independent record labels including Domino and XL and their artists. While Adele might not be short a bob or two, this is without doubt good news for independent music all round.

Best Coast is a fashion designer now
In more music-getting-money news, summery jam singer/songwriter Best Coast has announced she is taking Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon’s cue and also designing a clothing line for Urban Outfitters. Whether or not it will be mainly t-shirts with pictures of her cat Snacks on them is yet to be confirmed.

Festival roundup
Dot Rotten, Niki & The Dove, Spector, Jessie Ware, AlunaGeorge and Gabriel Bruce will be among those playing the massive line-up at Live In Leeds this May Bank Holiday.

While up in the Scottish Highlands this June, Friendly Fires, Dave Clarke, Jacques Lu Cont, Mystery Jets and Justine will all be playing Rockness, who just picked up Best Small Festival at the NME Awards earlier this week.

Ad Hoc “journalism project” in last call for support
The ex-Altered Zone-rs who are setting up their own online music publication called Ad Hoc have three days left to reach their $33,333 funding target on Kickstarter. They’re not far off and it’s a great idea with its heart in the right place, so jump over here to find out more and donate if you wish.

And finally…
A ‘lost’ Joy Division track that anyone who listened to the lyrics knew was fake is a fake says Peter Hook. “I’ve heard it. It’s a hoax and it’s bloody awful. They’re quite clever, these guys, they sound like college kids to me, they’ve captured the atmosphere quite well, but it’s a hoax. If Ian Curtis ever sang lyrics like that, I’d have kicked him up the arse.” Have a listen, and a giggle, below.
[Via FACT]

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