19.06.2013, Words by dummymag

Trabajo - Gamelan To The Love God [EP Stream]

The experimentally-minded NY-based duo produce an EP of re-worked Gamelan music.

TJ Richards and Yuchen Lin, or Trabajo as they like to be known, are sonic explorers worth getting to know. Often eschewing techno and hip hop tropes, and musically often not sounding unlike High Wolf or Old Apparatus, Trabajo’s sound palette is broad, bright and bold.

The terrifically madcap 23 Skidoo is a must-hear, as is the surge and sway of mellow highlight The Myth – in all honesty, we highly recommend giving the ‘Gamelan to the Love God’ EP a go in its entirety, particularly on a glorious summer afternoon.

Stream the EP below, and download it here.

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