29.03.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Untold is back with Change In A Dynamic Environment EP

Hemlock’s boss returns on the label with part one of a triple 12’’ series.

Jack Dunning aka Untold is releasing the first of a trilogy of EPs on April 9.

The EP, entitled Change In A Dynamic Environment marks the first serious Untold return since he released his Gonna Work Out EP in 2009.

In the period since his last Hemlock project Untold has worked on expanding and developing the label collaborating with artists such as Breton, Randomer and James Blake.

He has also worked on some club tracks releases – including Little Thing Like That for Clone’s Basement Series. He is now coming back with three releases bringing his “own brand new cache of shape-shifting, sonic mastery,” according to the press release.

Part one of the Change In A Dynamic Environment series features two tracks and “is the sound of a boy brought up on Jungle Pirates, once again smudging the edges of house/techno/bass/or whatever.”

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