Mount Kimbie 2017 02 please credit Frank Lebon
14.12.2017, Words by dummymag

Watch Mount Kimbie and King Krule perform together in Paris

Mount Kimbie and King Krule made musical magic earlier in the year with 'Blue Train Lines' taken from the former's recent album, Love What Survives. With Dominic Maker and Kai Campos having created arguably their best work, they are now on tour, and welcomed their collaborator on stage on the Paris leg of the tour, with the man otherwise known as Archy Marshall serenading the audience with 'Blue Train Lines' and 'You Took Your Time'.

"Just before we got to Paris we found out Archy was playing there the very next day," Mount Kimbie told Dummy. "After that, things escalated. One of our favourite venues on the whole tour and an incredible audience. That was so much fun, massive thanks to everyone who was there."

Watch the performance below.

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