14.05.2013, Words by dummymag

When Saints Go Machine - Iodine

The Danes build the anticipation for 'Infinity Pool' with an ice cold pop number.

Danish band When Saints Go Machine’s Love And Respect solidly signalled fresh ground for their forthcoming album ‘Infinity Pool’, with adulation for hip hop’s classic days made emphatic with that unexpected feature from old soul rapper Killer Mike. Iodine continues in a similar vein with its beatbox backbeat, but extends the 90s appreciation with flashes of happy hardcore strings and deft production flourishes throughout. It also happens to feature one of their more irresistible pop melodies to date – with Nikolaj Vonsild’s voice sounding like a glass of ice cold water being poured on a muggy summer’s day.

EMI Music & !K7 Records will release ‘Infinity Pool’ on the 20th May.

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