19.08.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

World exclusive: stream the Model 500 track

Juan Atkins's first new Model 500 EP in 11 years, hearable here, ahead of the release of an R&S release in September.

R&S records will release Model 500’s first EP in 11 years on the 13th of September. Model 500 is Juan Atkins, now joined by Mike Banks of Underground Resistance, DJ Skurge and Mark Taylor.

Juan Atkins is one of the people who invented techno in 1980s Detroit and, thusly, has an impossible-to-overstate influence on contemporary electronic music, and electronic music of the last 20 years. We’ll save the plaudits and explanations for another date and for other people, but for now, play his new track Huesca – exclusive to Dummy – on the right, hear the pounding drums, the sublime strings, close your eyes, feel the future.

OFI tracklist
A2 OFI (Mad Mike remix)
B Huesca

R&S Records will release Model 500’s EP ‘OFI’ on the 13th September.

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