Kit Grill Velodrome
14.10.2013, Words by dummymag

Kit Grill - Velodrome

"If I had to compare Kit Grill to other artists, the more musical side of Steve Reich's work and Koreless immediately come to mind. But I'd rather simply enjoy his music as this one solid argument for minimalism amongst all that busy noise." Those aren't our words – they belong to Jacques Greene, who recently explained his admiration for Kit Grill's music to us. Greene's along the right lines with that description, although we might chuck in CFCF's recent 'Music For Objects' EP into the mix – there's something simple and elegant in Grill's new track Velodrome, and he's managed to capture that with this graceful archive footage video of professional cyclists gliding around the drome.

GetMe! will release Kit Grill's album 'Mirror Image' on Monday November 25th 2013.


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