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14.08.2012, Words by dummymag

The 20 best uses of music during the 2012 Olympics

  1. Pet Shop BoysWest End Girls (Closing Ceremony)
  2. George MichaelFreedom (Closing Ceremony)

    He was shaking his hips like there’s no tomorrow
  3. Spice GirlsMedley (Closing Ceremony)

    Zigga zig ahh
  4. Kate BushRunning Up the Hill (Closing Ceremony)

    Who knew that Kate now exists as an array of white boxes
  5. The WhoBaba O’Riley (Closing Ceremony)
  6. Fatboy SimRight here, Right now (Closing Ceremony)

    Fatboy Slim DJ’ed from inside a giant octopus
  7. Fuck buttonsOlympians (High Contrast Remix) (Opening Ceremony)
  8. David Bowie Medley (Opening Ceremony)

    Although Bowie didn’t perform live, any opportunity to hear Space Oddity is a good one
  9. New OrderBlue Monday (Opening Ceremony)
  10. Blanck MassSundowner (Opening Ceremony)
  11. Abide with Me (Opening Ceremony)

    ‘What many viewers will not be aware of is that each member of the audience was nvited by Danny Boyle to submit a picture of a loved one who had passed away’
  12. *Eurythmics*– Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Opening Ceremony)

    Do do do do do do do…
  13. Ray Davies (The Kinks)Waterloo sunset (Closing Ceremony)

    The Kink’s frontman proving he still has it at 68 years of age
  14. UnderworldCaliban’s Dream (Opening Ceremony)
  15. The SpecialsA message to you Rudy (Opening Ceremony)
  16. Amy WinehouseValerie (Opening Ceremony)
  17. London Symphony Orchestra conducted by sir Simon RattleChariots of Fire (Opening Ceremony)
  18. Fuck ButtonsSurf Solar (Opening Ceremony)

    Not only did the Queen get to listen to one Fuck Buttons tune, but two Fuck Button’s tunes
  19. Chemical BrothersVeledrome (Theme tune for the veledrome)
  20. Adding Chemical BrothersVeledrome to a video of Chris Hoy in the veledrome
    YouTube Doubler
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