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15.03.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

The 10 best Detroit house tracks, according to Kyle Hall

DJ and producer Kyle Hall was little more than a baby when some of his most prized tracks were released, but he grew up in a family immersed in the vibrant dance music culture of his native Detroit. Growing from obsessive child to musical prodigy, he quickly become a name at home and internationally: DJs across the world, releasing a string of EPs and singles and sharing the same breaths and stages as some of the legends he grew up idolizing. An ever-proud son of his city, he’s listed ten of his favourite house tracks from Detroit for us.

  1. John Beltran – Going Home EP
    Kyle Hall: “This is one of my favorite John Beltran records. The track Placid Angles is really smooth joint. It’s one of those records that I pack in my bag quite a bit. Has a bit of a Larry Heard vibe to it for sure.”
  2. Seven Grand Housing Authority – Loves Got Me High
    Kyle Hall: “This record is a straight up classic! I love how raw the Jamie Foxx vocal sound over the beat. It has a real nostalgic 90s basement house music vibe to it.”
  3. Mike Huckaby – The Jazz Republic
    Kyle Hall: “This has been one of my favorite Detroit house records ever since I started getting into the Mike Huckaby & harmony park sound. I like the track because its kinda subdued not really a stomper. You just enjoy the chords and samples and from that the groove is more so implied.”
  4. T.O.M. Project – Renaissance
    Kyle Hall: “What gets me about this record is how simple it is: kick, hi hat, strings every now and then and a dope analog bass synth. Sick one-sided record! This record just cuts through really nicely when you play it out and has real crazy robotic marching feel to it.”
  5. Marcellus Pittman – Unirhythm Green #1
    Kyle Hall: “Classic chill vibe-y piano-ness on one side other side really deep warm fuzzy joint! M. Pittman killing the game with this one.”
  6. 3 Chairs – No Drum Machine pt. 2
    Kyle Hall: “Another dope record not to be slept on by the 3 Chairs. Solid grooves, dusty vibes. I remember I got this one 12” from Rick Wilhite’s shop ‘Vibes New and Rare Music’ back when it was open”
  7. Omar S – 002
    Kyle Hall:Miss You is the one for me on here. I’d describe the vibe as hypnotic, rhythmically shifty, subtle deep house.”
  8. Da Sampla – West Side Sessions
    Kyle Hall: “Originally released on the Record Time Store label. My favorite track is Pursuit Mix 3. The record was so great that I re-released it in 2012 on the Da Sampla ‘West Side Sessions’.”
  9. Scott Grooves – Detroit 808
    Kyle Hall: “Both the 808 and 909 series records are worth taking a listen. Both sides, the Panther dub and the original are sick!”
  10. Kenny Dixon Jr. – Soul Sounds
    Kyle Hall: “For sure one of my favorite esoteric KDJ tracks January. One of tracks I used to jones over to hear.”

Kyle Hall’s latest album ‘Boat Party’, released under the alias KMFH, is out in April and available to pre-order here. He will also DJ at fabric alongside Kevin Saunderson, Kenny Larkin are more on 30th March, tickets for that are here.

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