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04.01.2013, Words by dummymag

The 10 best holiday giveaways

So we’ve seen all the end of year lists (and lists of lists), but here’s a Santa’s sackful of free music you might have missed while reading all those countdowns. Many an artist and producer decided to spread Christmas cheer over the festive period by giving away tracks gratis. So listen up, and get your downloads folder emotionally prepared for an incoming of some of the best.

  1. DJ Q – Brandy & Coke VIP
    First up, garage veteran DJ Q presented us with his VIP rework of Brandy’s vocals on Brandy & Coke – a shuffling 2step roller. Bassline heads, look no further.
  2. Jakwob – Detox
    Stalwart producer Jakwob took some time out from dubstepping to make “something a little different”. Keeping things at 140, Detox plays with trappy snares and low bass notes. An addictive listen.
  3. Happa – Freak
    Unbelievably young techno producer Happa clearly didn’t get any homework done over the holidays, but we think he spent his time wisely giving us this solid bass-y offering. Freak keeps things dark in true Persian Prince form, but with a bouncier flavour than we’re used to from him.
  4. Faze Miyake – Get Out My Head Remix
    Grime general Faze Miyake kept that Redlight song in our heads by giving it an instrumental, chilly rework that arguably surpasses the original.
  5. DJ Yolo Bear – Make U Touch My
    Who the hell is DJ Yolo Bear? An blindsiding addition to LuckyMe’s 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, whoever they are, they’re certainly keeping their identity under wraps, prompting tweets like “someone gave me a 10,000$ check so I would reveal DJ Yolo Bear’s identity, I declined.” Make U Touch My is an ecstatic slice of Baltimore club heaven with chopped and spliced vocals.
  6. Aaliyah – One in a Million (Top Dolla Re-up)
    Slew Dem producer Top Dolla gives Aaliyah’s classic One in a Million a million dollar revamp with bubbling, bouncing flavours.
  7. +verb – I Want Some
    Relatively unknown grammar enthusiast +verb let off this banger on his Soundcloud page, labeling its genre as “emo juke”. With its slow-fast rhythm and delicate synth work, I Want Some sounds like something Machinedrum could have magicked up.
  8. Ango – True Blue (prod. Jacques Greene)
    Another gem from LuckyMe’s Christmas giveaway is Ango AKA Andrew Gordon Mcpherson with True Blue, produced by the mighty Jacques Greene. Merging haunting melodies with 2step garage, Greene proves himself yet again as an inimitable producer. (This was our favourite from Ango’s mixtape back when it dropped in July, and it sounds just as good today).
  9. The xx – Sunset (Jamie xx edit)
    On the ninth day of Christmas, iTunes didn’t give us nine ladies dancing but instead a new xx EP as part of their ’12 Days of Xmas’ series. Jamie xx handed in a longer edit of ‘Coexist’ cut Sunset for free download, which you can grab here.
  10. Seams – Happy Birthday Jesus
    Last but by no means least is Seams’ ode to the Son of God on his special day. On this track, the silky notes of a magical-sounding flute see an abrupt interjection by the word “Jesus”. An instant classic.
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