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01.09.2015, Words by Natalie /

The 10 best music videos to take shrooms to, according to Butch

Butch, known as Bülent Gürler to his friends, first got his hands on a DJ set-up at a spritely 12 years old. Armed with a bunch of second hand vinyl and in awe of the technical prowess at the DMC Championships, the young buck Bülent started to try his hand(s) at scratching and beat juggling. Butch was later inspired by his brother’s late night partying and his tastes quickly morphed from boom-bap to 4-4. His musical palette widening and sashaying towards a clubbier sound also sparked an interest in production in the early ’90s. Fast forward a few years and Butch has climbed the ranks to become a stalwart of the scene, commonly associated with major dance labels such as Desolat and Cocoon. Usually found wowing the crowds some of the world’s most idolised clubs – with cherry on the cake being his residency at Berlin’s Watergate – he’s also been hanging out in the top five rafters of Resident Advisor’s All-Time Most Charted section for so long that he might as well have a chaise longue reserved up there.

Butch has also banged heads to make brain melting bangers with infamous friend and cohort Ricardo Villalobos as ButRic, with the bubbling drone joint Up appearing in this list. It winds and winds and winds until your brain feels like a plate heaped with huevos rancheros covered in lashing of extra hot sauce.

Butch hits our 10 best lists with a fun angle, charting the optimum videos to take shrooms to. Not confined to the club, the selections span the dark corners of your mind and the deep depths of the moshpit, not to mention Soundgarden’s creepy BBQ pit. Butch says:

“Generally my best experiences with shrooms happen in nature with a good friend who has some shamanic experience. But in case you are wondering what to do, when you’ve been locked in your studio for the night with a bag of Mexicans, this is what you should get into.”

01. Flying Lotus Ready Err Not

Butch: “So this is the perfect one to get your brain into a state of confusion, disgust and a little bit of panic. Beheadings are usually fun when your tripping.”

02. Soundgarden Black Hole Sun

Butch: “Surreal and crazy as holy-moly, this one somehow is like Peter Jackson’s Braindead in music video format.”

03. Bjork Pagan Poetry

Butch: “After you’ve completely lost faith in humanity after the first two videos, here is something simply to animate your fantasy. Plus you get to see titties and who doesn’t love that?”

04. Aphex Twin Come To Daddy

Butch: “Back to pure disturbance. Turn up the sound and let paranoia pump through your veins and love every second of this masterpiece.”

05. System Of A Down Aerials

Butch: “Intense. You look for layers only to find more masks. Free your mind baby!”

06. Starfucker Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second

Butch: “Colours and good vibes floating through the world of a fantastic trip. This one is purely pleasure. Love!”

07. Minilogue Animals

Butch: “This one reminds me that there is trippiness to be found in every situation. The little animals are dancing all around you!”

08. Busta Rhymes Gimme Some More

Butch: “Loony Tunes meets rap bling and crazy monsters in real (?) life. Busta, please give us some more!”

09. Radiohead Paranoid Android

Butch: “Like Beavis And Butthead on an acid trip. Who doesn’t want to play ping pong with an angel and again…who doesn’t love titties (especially cartoon ones)?”

10. ButRic Up 

Butch: “Neverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverendingneverending…”

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