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08.06.2016, Words by dummymag

The 10 best pop remixes to bring out your inner 'basic bitch', according to Amy Becker

First spotted by Mistajam almost four years ago when he gave her an incredible 13-month mix residency on BBC Radio 1Xtra – DJ, promoter, and radio presenter Amy Becker has been making some serious waves this year. Ranging from her no holds barred set at the Teki Latex curated Boiler Room a couple of weeks ago (which was closed with a surprise appearance from YGG), through to her recent 'RMX' EP, the party-starting selector is quickly becoming an unstoppable force in underground club music.

Taking it up another level, she gets set to drop the self-released remix EP 'RMX' later this month, which sees Amy recruit Logos to remix Apple's UK funky anthem De Siegalizer, Scratcha DVA to add some Hi:Emotions tweaks to Kamixlo's reggaeton roller Mata Lo, Deamonds to turn the heat up even further on DJ Haus' Hot In This MF and last but not least, YGG add some spice to Sir Spyro's Side By Side. To mark the release and dive a little deeper into the edits theme, Amy Becker shares 10 of the best go-to pop remixes that are bound to bring out your inner 'basic bitch'. Lace up your AMs and smear on that candy pink lip gloss, as Amy guides us through.

In Amy's own words:

"I started DJing in clubs when I was 16, and part of the reason I fell in love with it was the feeling it gave me to witness people dance to my set – even if around those times I was usually playing to a total of three people. That feeling is what drives me as a DJ and what keeps me looking forward to every single show. I'm always pleasantly surprised at how many girls are at the front of the crowd during my sets and I especially love to see them having a good time, so I'll consider that in my selection. I'm pretty sure they weren't born wearing Air Max and have all at some point cried to the scene where Baby Spice's mate gave birth in the Spiceworld movie, so here are some of my go-to edits and remixes of pop records that are guaranteed to unleash all the inner basic bitches in the club."

Keiska Lorenzo Senni vs Nelly Furtado And A Helicopter

Amy Becker: "A couple of Nelly Furtado remixes have become staples in my sets of late oddly enough, but this one is my favourite!"

Bossy Love Want Some (Nightwave Remix)

Amy Becker: "I hadn't actually heard of this group until Nightwave sent me her remix. I love the vocal, it sounds like a less annoying Charlie XCX…"

MssingNo Shosho

Amy Becker: "So MssingNo took three #1 hits and turned it into something magical in a way only he can. I was obsessed, even before I got to the part with the pitched up Ariana Grande and Beiber vocals."

Nguzunguzu & Jojo I Can Fly You There; With My Foam Feathers (Sheen Edit)

Amy Becker: "Tough to choose between all of the Jojo tracks I have, but this Sheen edit touches my heart."

Arma Get Rite

Amy Becker: "A forgotten J-Lo classic made club ready thanks to Arma – the producer behind a lot of my secret weapons."

Diana Ross & The Supremes Reflections (Sha Sha Kimbo 100 Edit)

Amy Becker: "This edit is by a producer from L.A. who has been sending me a lot of stuff recently. It's all been fire, so keep an eye out for her."

Florentino Leave

Amy Becker: "More Jojo, but this time an instrumental turned emotional reggaeton cut, courtesy of Florentino and Mixpak."

Soulja Boy Birdwalk (Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke Bootleg)

Amy Becker: "The King and Queen of crunk bootlegs/the King and Queen of life take on a Soulja Boy classic."

Chris Brown AYO (Kamixlo Edit)

Amy Becker: "One for the nu school basics."

Bleaker & Basile Poppin 

Amy Becker: "I only play this when I'm wearing my Kylie Jenner 'Literally' lip gloss, but it goes off every single time."

Amy Becker's 'RMX' EP is out June 17th (buy).

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