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23.12.2015, Words by dummymag

The 10 best timeless tracks, according to Nick Curly

With the new year incoming, 10 records that never leave Nick’s bag

01. Beanfield Tides (Carl Craig Remix) 

Nick Curly: "A very special track and still one of my favourite productions of all time. The Carl Craig remix of Beanfield's Tides is at the top of my list. I really love the vocal in there and also the beat of Carl's mix is so special. It breaks from the normal beat I played on the night and sends the people home with a good feeling."

02. Peace Division Revival

Nick Curly: "I was so proud to get these guys in my 8Bit Records label with this three cornered EP before they split. A  timeless masterpiece from Peace Division with a special groove."

03. Bobby Konders Nervous Acid

Nick Curly: "A groovy, liquid banger that is not only psychedelic but very fun and danceable as well. It doesn't try too hard to be an epic big room track (Big room house didn't exist back then, mind you) and the track doesn't try to hard to be something that it isn't. Love it."        

04. Dettmann & Klock Dawning 

Nick Curly: "Definitely one of the defining records of the later Berlin era, the dominance of Berlin's Berghain in the city over the past few years has been almost total and with good reason. It's difficult to think of another record that sums up Berghain in quite such a succinct way – it was clearly made with the sole intention of being played on that system."

05. Johnny D Scope Of Mind 

Nick Curly: "Johnny is a good friend of mine and was always one of my favourite producers. This is a timeless, genius production from him. Scope Of Mind is one of the most timeless tracks I've ever heard. This will always stay in my playlist and I think it´s already the second time I included this track on a a mix compilation."

06. Cagedbaby Hello There (Radioslave Remix)

Nick Curly: "It could not have found a finer match. The genius track of Cagedbaby, remixed by Matt Edwards under his Radioslave guise. Superb remixes and not to be missed! An amazing groove and super emotional vocal."

07. System 2 Jack Off

Nick Curly: "A track from System 2 which I released on our latest various artist EP on my 8Bit imprint. It always works great in the club and gets the reaction I need (and now expect!)."

08. Jordan Peak Feel  

Nick Curly: "Jordan Peak's 'Bass Culture' EP featuring this track is phenomenal. I like all three tracks, but chose this one as it worked best for me. Perfect deep groove track with a feeling."

09. Daft Punk Burning 

Nick Curly: "What can I say? This track is 100% produced for the dancefloor. There’s no hidden meaning, it’s not trying to be deep. It just is what it is: a big, rolling, buildup to an incredible bassline and drop."

10. Gary Beck Get Down   

Nick Curly: "That’s what club music should be. Rolling beat, with a repeating vocal that ends in this massive break. A 100% sure shot for the club exploding."

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