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28.07.2016, Words by dummymag

The 10 best touching tracks by female artists, according to Ellen Allien

Considered by many as techno royalty, the BPitch boss has been at the forefront of European techno for nearly two decades now. Working between her hometown of Berlin and Ibiza, Ellen Allien remains a linchpin of the world's most dynamic party scenes – whether she's switching between DJing, producing, and running the BPitch Control label, events, and artist agency since 1999. 

She recently revived the golden age of '90s clubbing with a full throttle addition to our mix series, and now ahead of her appearance at The Social Festival on September 10th at Kent Country Showground, she returns with a 10 best list of emotionally charged tracks from fellow female musicians, ranging from FKA twigs through to avant-garde '80s musician Laurie Anderson.

Read through Ellen's selections below and listen seamlessly via our YouTube playlist.

Björk Violently Happy

Ellen Allien: "I've been playing the vocals from this track in my DJ sets for many years. I just mix the a cappella part of the track with beats from another record. i need to hear Björk's voice from time to time, just to feel good."

K Hand Edge Water

Ellen Allien: "DJ K Hand from Detroit. The 'Global Warning' EP includes some of my most played acid tracks. K Hand has the groove. Her tracks always sound analogue and simply fantastic…"

Dillon Thirteen Thirty Five

Ellen Allien: "I've been singing this song since Dillon's debut album came out on BPitch. I love the lyrics and the story behind it, so this song always comes back to my mind."

Dasha Rush Dance With Edgar Poe

Ellen Allien: "This is an emotional listening track with spoken words. I can often hear a lot of personality and deepness in Dasha's music and I adore that."

FKA twigs Water Me

Ellen Allien: "One of the best new female singers I think. I don't know why, but she reminds me of Kate Bush in the way that her dance performance and music work together."

Nina Simone Baltimore

Ellen Allien: "Nina Simone has the most special voice ever and this is the most beautiful song about Baltimore. It's simply fantastic how the instruments let her words fly over the city. Thank you Lady Simone for all your songs!"

Cassy Keep Trying

Ellen Allien: "Cassy produces modern house and I love how she is using her voice here in the centre of the track. To me, it feels like the beats just help the voice to flow. This track definitely has a melancholy yet positive vibe for me."

Kyoka Lined Up

Ellen Allien: "One of the tracks I really enjoy playing DJ sets. The beat structure, cute voice, reggae samples, and noise elements are just dope. This sound arrangement is so brilliant and fresh."

Laurie Anderson 'Big Science'

Ellen Allien: "I actually love the whole album. I'm so impressed by the fact that she entered the UK charts in the '80s with her abstract and avant-garde music. She is a pioneer in electronic music."

Silvie Loto Breeze

Ellen Allien: "The minimal touch in Silvie's tracks plus her sensibility to combine the right sounds, beats, and vocals just take me away. When I close my eyes and listen to this track, it feels like I'm flying over the ocean."

Ellen Allien plays at The Social Festival, which takes place September 9th and 10th at Kent Country Showground (tickets).

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