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26.09.2022, Words by Billy Ward

The 10 Best Tracks On How Shit The People In Power Are, according to Finn Foxell

"Probably the first song that made me question the establishment..."

UK politics is broken and belief in the political system as a whole seems to have reached an all time low over the last 5 years. After waving goodbye to Boris Johnson’s law-breaking government following the ‘partygate’ scandal, his replacement Liz Truss’ answer to the current cost-of-living crisis, record food bank usage and a collapsing NHS is to hand out tax cuts to the wealthiest in society.

West Londoner Finn Foxell isn’t alone in recognising things needs to change. His lack of faith in the politicians who govern us punctuates his latest single ‘Leaders’, a guitar-swinging anthem vocalising the day-to-day frustrations felt by a young, disenfranchised generation. Having already made a name for himself pioneering an underground rap movement alongside fellow Elevation Meditation member Lord Apex, the 23-year-old is kickstarting a new chapter with a bold indie-rock sound. Recognising Finn’s drive to call out the rich and righteous, we sat down with the Shepherds Bush-hailing prodigy to uncover 10 songs that demonstrate how dysfunctional the people in power really are…

1. Finn Foxell – ‘Leaders’

“When making this song I didn’t have any political motive, but right now it feels like something needs to be said and the chaos of this record gave me room for that, to show the lack of faith in our leaders and government, from the eyes of my generation at least. There’s a lot of frustration right now from all corners of our society except the top, they seem to just fuck about like bored spoilt kids whilst we all decline. Boris actually stepped down a couple of months after but that’s why it’s called Leaders, plural, whoever follows him will just become another trickster with a mask on.. and they all judge us. This song reflects the general lack of faith in our political system, it’s a house of clowns in my eyes, tricky because they’re dangerous ones.”

2. Skinny Man – ‘Council Estate of Mind’

“This song embodies the young mind-frame of many from out the manor! Outlined the relationship between marginalised young people and authority, was lucky enough to see this live at his headline at Scala.”

3. Lowkey – Fire in the Booth (part 2)

“This man, as well as being a beautiful lyricist, spoke out on a lot of things that the majority were scared to, the industry continued to try and blacklist him but his message speaks loud and clear.”

4. The Cranberries – ‘Zombie’

“This song from young always reached me, and as I got older the more I learnt about the troubles in Northern Ireland the more it would hit every listen, unmatched.”

5. Black The Ripper – ‘Why?’ (SBTV)

“This was probably the first song that made me question the establishment and corporate interest, rest in peace Samson! A strong inspiration for me growing up.”

6. The Specials – ‘Ghost Town’

“Spooky banger and one of my favourite bands. This track highlights the anxiety of a generation uncertain of what’s next amidst a lot of unemployment, racial tensions and riots in Britain that were happening when this dropped.”

7. Bob Marley – ‘Redemption Song’

“Probably my favourite song by Bob, this one speaks volumes as well as having one of my favourite lyrics ‘emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds’.”

8. Junior Murvin – ‘Police and Thieves’

“Massive tune, written about the relationships between police and the nervous public in Jamaica. On release it travelled and translated to people in London, where at the time there were outbreaks of violence and police brutality specifically at Notting Hill carnival.”

9. Manu Chao – ‘Mentira’

“This song was a favourite before I knew what any of it meant, but on learning I just loved it more, it’s about the lies we are told and about asking why.”

10. Sex Pistols – ‘God Save The Queen’

“This one can’t not get the mention, the BBC literally refused to admit it went number 1 during its release, it was an anthem drawing out and mocking the fascist attitudes still very present in Britain at the time.”

Stream Finn’s latest single ‘Leaders’ below:

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