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10.07.2013, Words by Sandra Song

The 10 most unexpected page-turners, according to Grimes

Canadian DIY popstar and Dummy favourite Grimes is a bookworm – she's as likely to be found with her head buried in some angst-ridden Kafka as she is to be making phenomenal, otherworldly tunes. In a 2010 interview with Dummy, she cited classic sci-fi novels like Frank Herbert's Dune as a huge influence on her ethereal aesthetic, infusing her music with escapist notions of "whole religions and whole languages, and so many worlds." She also said: “I want to make a tome – access every genre of music, and also create new genres with them. I want to have like thirty albums…I want to make something really important and intense.” 

As such, Dummy asked the popstar for a few literary recommendations, and here they are: Claire Boucher's top 10 lesser-known required readings that, let's face it, probably beat anything your local librarian could come up with. 

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