10 Best
15.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

7 things that the new James Blake song sounds like.

1. The soundtrack to LOST When composing the score for the ABC series LOST , Michael Giacchino did all kinds of crazy stuff, like using real parts of a crashed aeroplane as instruments. James Blake’s newest track totally sounds like it could be the groaning of a detached metal wing being scraped with bits of a broken seat, and wouldn’t sound out of place coming out of the TV right before John Locke says something crazy like “we ARE the island, Jack.”

2. This Walls Advert Perhaps, one day, someone will hand a small box to a lady, which upon opening will spew out this track, and end with the thoughtful words “he can’t tell you himself, he’s just a bloke you know.”

3. A video game The latter half of this track, and specifically the ZAP sound effect that kicks in around the 3.15 mark, is more than a little bit reminiscent of any kind of game which gave you points for shooting off a zombie/monster/pacman’s head. This is totally in right now, with everyone from Rustie and Hudson Mohawke to The Flaming Lips infusing their music with the nostalgic sounds of electronic entertainment in years gone by.

4. 🙁

5. :/

6. An orchestra tuning up underwater This track is full of pressured, muted, liquid sounds which are a little off-kilter and disturbing – much like the tuning-up of Squidward’s failed orchestra in the “Band Geeks” episode of Spongebob Squarepants .

7. Part of your overwhelming subconscious There’s something about this song which is mesmerising and soulful, immediately arresting you in the moment and allowing you to dwell inside it.

8. Nothing at all At the same time, though the song is overwhelming in an instant, it is not a song built to last; it won’t be hummed absent-mindedly at work or played at a house party. It may not even be played again outside of this week. In five years’ time, this song will be the one you struggle to place, or even name. There’s something about it which is completely, “oh yeah, I remember that song. I have no idea how it went though. I think it sounded a bit like LOST.”

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