23.10.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Co La

It was only when I googled Co La’s name to find a link that I got the joke. I should have seen it coming really. This Baltimore dude is quite something: half producer, half performance artist, his live set at Software and NNA Tape’s off-CMJ party was a whole heap of fun. In-between dancing, he built jams out of loops and familiar snippets including that opening swoon before the vocals set in from Be My Baby by The Ronnettes. The tone flowed from hands-in-the-air house to Berlin techno to UK bass, each with Co La’s cut-up, rave-y take on it. At one point he pulled tissues from a box in time to the music and threw them over his shoulder, which elicited a gem of a pun from Dummy’s audio editor: “It’s gesundhouse!” The whole room caught Co La’s vibe, dancing and laughing and just getting off on the joyful abandon-ness of it all.

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