02.04.2013, Words by dummymag

Dean Blunt's '28S' exhibition at SPACE Studios

Last week, Dean Blunt presented Brixton 28s, an exhibition of mixed material solo work at Hackney’s SPACE studios. The three day installation/performance art piece was accompanied by this description on the SPACE website:

wat da f**k u chattin bout fam?? one ah pennys crew was called da one ah penny crew so fall back wid ur wrong info…ur right when u say there were only 28 ov da orignal 28s azwad squidley fudge husler pb killerman archer millitant dego jim jim meastro cox cyco bandit dandy gummie boomie swifty balmore omar jiffy ribz keith headley bullet scotty demus da twinz micheal brodrick bully…dis is da original 28s….then came da younger 28s beaver quincey loverboy shortman flowers nolan gutsy kboy ninja half-e jahbi jacob peanut yardie.

The exhibition also featured a performance from J-Star Valentine impersonating Blunt. Valentine is a singer who has, in the past, uploaded acapella versions of Dean Blunt songs to Youtube.

See some images from the exhibition (featuring, amongst other things, a man laying face down on the floor, a VHS copy of All Dogs Go To Heaven and a still from Bullet Boy) and watch a video of J-Star Valentine’s performance below. As ever, any attempts to decode Blunt’s art will prove fruitless.

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