20.10.2011, Words by dummymag

Software & NNA Tapes unofficial CMJ party

So, the CMJ Music Marathon kicked off two days ago in Brooklyn.

We’re very pleased to present an unofficial CMJ party in association with Ford & Lopatin’s Software Label and Burlington label NNA Tapes on Saturday, 22nd October. Artists involved are Ryan Power, Megafortress, Harmonizer, Co La, Autre Ne Veut and Slava. Airbird (Joel from Ford & Lopatin) and Turkey Pastry (of NNA Tapes) will be on the decks.

If you’re in town, this will be really, really fun, so you should come. If not, keep an eye out for lots of nice audio-visual-verbal coverage.

Software & NNA Tapes (Unofficial CMJ Party)


Ryan Power
Co La
Autre Ne Veut
Airbird (of Ford & Lopatin) [DJ]
Turkey Pastry (of NNA Tapes) [DJ]

Saturday, 22nd October
Death By Audio
49 S 2nd St.
Brooklyn, NY
8pm | $3

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