19.11.2012, Words by Aimee Cliff

Premiere: fLako - Eclosure [EP stream]

fLako is a producer who makes deep, mystical and rich music that evokes a strong sense of place; with his swarming brass, rolling synths, ethereal vocal snippets and flighty flutes, the London-based artist crafts a thick tapestry of sound that completely surrounds its listener on his new EP, ‘Eclosure’. Of the four songs, Lion’s Mane in particular is a glockenspiel-ish, softly sighing gem of a track, and the nervy, skittering electro that runs rings around the beat of the eponymous Eclosure makes for a closing track that sticks with you long after the record has petered out. Stream the EP in full here, and read on to find out fLako’s thoughts behind the record.

Hi, fLako! Could you introduce yourself to Dummy readers?

Hello Dummy Mag readers. My name is fLako, I have roots in Chile, been raised in Germany and currently reside in London.

What’s the philosophy behind your music?

There is no philosophy behind it, but a lot of curiosity! I think that’s what made me start doing music and keeps me driving too. 

You’ve lived in a lot of places – is there any one place that has inspired you the most, or is your sound a fusion of all the places you’ve been to?

I don’t think about what I do, when I do music or what inspires me. I guess everything that my senses are able to recognize is inspiration. Most of it subconscious though.

What was the process of writing this EP like for you?

Every release is just a snapshot of an ongoing process of creating and experimenting and I never really know what I’m doing till I’m finished. 

What’s the best thing you’ve heard this year?

Silence is a sensation that I rediscovered recently. Its important to reset.

What would you like to achieve before 2012 is done?

Stop being too frugal!

Five Easy Pieces will release ‘Eclosure’ on the 26th November.

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