08.09.2009, Words by Charlie Jones

Florence Welch, shot by Mikael Gregorsky

We met up with Florence at the Albert and Pearl in Islington, two doors away from the Hope and Anchor where Joy Division played their first London gig in 1978. Talked about tattoos, breakfast, the welsh forest whilst admiring the ceiling from a carpet on the floor…

Funnily enough, I had a tattoo done two days earlier by someone she knew, so we had something to chat about. I shot some film, thought that might give a bit more ‘warm’, less commercial – feeling to it. I had a look around the place before and found a few good spots, though in the end we had to do it in the room where we interviewed her because of lack of time. She was OK with it. She’s got amazing hair which I thought was nice to show a bit.

Photography and Words: Mikael Gregorsky

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