19.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Ford & Lopatin at SXSW

Ford & Lopatin (formerly Games) played at midnight at the Mexican Summer party, joined by Prefuse73. A pair of best friends, Tigercity’s Joel Ford and Dan – Oneohtrix Point Never – Lopatin music riffs on electronic music’s purest, poppiest forms, with new material sounding brushing on to the bright, plastic end of 90s Bjork and the far-out romanticism of The-Dream. Dan mentioned afterwards, laughing, that he wanted it to sound like “A fairground ride … Like listening to J-pop on acid”, and it’s true not only because it’s something close to that – completely psychedelic, mindwarping electronic sound, that’s guilty-pleasure-level fun – but because it’s the sort of thing that sounds like a great thing to do with your mate.

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