06.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Forest Swords and Maria Minerva will do some cool things in Liverpool

During Liverpool at the end of the month and over next month, a program of left-field leaning events mixing music, art and literature have been planned going under the name Overlap. The opening event features performances from Forest Swords and Maria Minerva, while there will also be an event celebrating electronic processing in vocal performance in October. At the end of October will be held one of the most po-faced karaoke events we can imagine, the Glitch Karaoke event will present a network of karaoke from Liverpool and London, which embraces the glitch effects of Skype and Youtube. There’ll also be an “Augmented Poetry” event which will be bring to life parts of Liverpool using mobile augmented reality, which are those barcodes your smartphone reads, supplied by Daqri, a tech company, not daiquiri, as we first heard, which is a kind of cocktail.

For more information and tickets go here.

The full run of events are as follows:

Spectres of the Spectacle for AND Festival
9pm-Midnight, 29th September @ Static Gallery, Liverpool
Hauntology manifested across nu-sexuality, boogie and post-punk featuring Maria Minerva, Anat Ben David, Forest Swords with Victoria Gray, Nathan Walker, Emily Critchley programming support from Samizdat and La Racaille.

Electronic Voice Phenomena
The Bluecoat Chapter and Verse Festival
8pm-11pm, 16th October @ The Bluecoat, Liverpool
First major showcase of performers using electronic processing in vocal performance featuring a new commission from Nathan Jones and Tom Rea Smith with Holly Pester, Mark Leahy, Emma Bennet and tuvian throat singer Soriah.

Glitch Karaoke + Ross Sutherland
27th Oct, venue tbc, Liverpool
Embrace the glitch. Evening of lo-fi, cut up and new technologies
Daniel Rourke and Kyoung Kim connect karaoke sessions in London and Liverpool plus a brand new film-loop commission from Ross Sutherland.

Augmented Poetry
October – December across Liverpool City Centre
Using QR codes to bring Liverpool’s forgotten spaces and stories to life using augmented reality. Developed in collaboration with AR software pioneers Daqri.

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