17.08.2009, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Complete Me

It’s tipping it down outside. Like buckets. I have the new Frankmusik album and need it to cheer me up. I like a bit of electro pop. So here goes…

In Step
A breakdown already? Yeah go on then. Rhyming ‘reject’ with ‘perfect’ is deliciously trashy. Synth stabs galore.

Better Off As Two
Definitely the big single. It’s all bubblegum gloss, no substance but we all like sugar sometimes, no? No? Oh okay.

Gotta Boyfriend?
Ooo attitude. Swirly, fast and crying out for a trance remix. God did I just say that? Destined to be played to death in Roxy’s up and down the country. Or the gym. Dammit I do like it though. So shoot me.

Confusion Girl
Eh? Noooooo don’t do it Frank. This is the one the record company made him do, surely? Sappy. Just really middle of the road. Savage Garden could have released this.

Your Boy
Not sure about this. Electro Boyzone? Yes, you can do ballads. But does that mean you should? This is saccharine overload. Not convinced.

When You’re Round
Wait a minute, somebody’s been listening to The Stranglers ‘Golden Brown’. Techno-harpsichord and – hold on, was that a pan pipe?

Three Little Words
Ahhhh that’s better. Yes, Frankmusik. Yes. This is who you are. Hold this thought please.

Wonder Woman
No? Okay, do Prefab Sprout meets Go West instead then. Not a bad thing in principle. But in reality? The lyrics are making my teeth hurt. ‘Even Wonder Woman gets her nails done?’ Gah.

Complete Me
Nope. Not doing anything. Flat. Sorry Frank.

Vacant Heart
Meh. Wake me up when it’s over.

Time Will Tell
Ah clever. This sounds amazing in comparison to the previous two. He’s lost his girl, he’s lost his world but he’s got some big fat pounding bass. Oh yeah. Where is that sample from? God, that’s annoying, can’t place it. Oh it’s ‘Pump Up The Volume’. Um…

Done Done
Really not convinced by this tracklisting. I’m feeling slightly schizophrenic. Delay delay, repeat repeat. I need a cup of tea.

Run Away From Trouble
Oh bugger, I really wanted to like this album. It should have been an EP. Four out of 13 does not a decent album make. Oh oh hidden track…one man and his piano. A bit of heart and soul. That’s the next album sorted then. But it’s not enough to redeem this one unfortunately.

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